Meet The Atheopagan Society Council

The Council which oversees The Atheopagan Society is comprised of practicing non-theist Pagans who volunteer their time to help advance and support Atheopaganism as a thriving and meaningful path for its practitioners throughout the world.

Minutes of The Atheopagan Society Council meetings can be accessed by clicking here.

Arwen Gwyneth (Yucca)


Arwen is a Pagan, a mother, science teacher and ecologist. She lives in the high desert on an off-grid, permaculture homestead with her family and their very well loved cat named Moose. Arwen is a co-host on the podcast THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism.

Dr. Jon Cleland Host

Vice Chair

Dr. Jon Cleland Host is a scientist who earned his PhD in materials science at Northwestern University & has conducted research since 1997.  He holds eight patents and has authored over three dozen internal scientific papers and eleven papers for peer-reviewed scientific journals, including the journal Nature.  He has taught classes on biology, math, chemistry, physics and general science at Delta College and Saginaw Valley State University.  Jon grew up near Pontiac, and has been building a reality-based spirituality for over 30 years, first as a Catholic and now as a Unitarian Universalist, including collaborating with Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow to spread the awe and wonder of the Great Story of our Universe (see, and the blog at  Jon and his wife have four sons, whom they embrace within a Universe-centered, Pagan, family spirituality.  He currently moderates the yahoo group Naturalistic Paganism and posts videos on his YouTube Channel. Jon is also a regular columnist at Humanistic Paganism.  His column is called Starstuff, Contemplating.

Tonya (Orin) McNeese


I am an electrician, a mama, and an Atheopagan. I have always struggled with the realization that so many people have forgotten that religion, especially Paganism is meant to be metaphorical. I am proud to be a part of Atheopagan growth and to have finally found likeminded individuals.

C. Wendt


C. Wendt is a microbiologist with over 15 years of experience in instructional design & delivery.  Any further details about her are on a need-to-know basis.

Robin C.

Robin is an educator, librarian, and nature nerd. Her spiritual practice consists of hiking, gardening, cooking, making art, and looking things up.

Mark Green

(he/him) A poet, musician, environmental activist and nonprofit professional, Mark is the author of Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science and the editor/publisher of the Atheopaganism blog. He was named the Sonoma County Environmentalist of the Year in 1997. He lives in Northern California with his partner in crime, Nemea, and Kiki, the Circus Cat. He is also a co-host on the podcast THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism.

James Morgenstern

Atheopagan. Thelemite. Heathen. Druid.
I’ve danced through many pagan circles for just over 3 decades and spent several years facilitating seasonal public rituals in the Midwest. I moved to California in 2014 and currently live amongst the redwoods along the Russian River. I make attempts at being a woodworker, an artist, a musician, and several other things.

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