Atheopagan Action Day

Let’s build a better world together.

Welcome to our first day of action! Every month on (or near) the thirteenth, members of the Atheopagan community will set aside a bit of time to take actions to build a kinder, better world.

Take a look if you need some ideas!

Quick Actions

These should take five minutes or less

Stop Project Willow: Project willow is a massive expansion of oil and gas drilling that would threaten wildlife and ecosystems in Alaska’s Western Arctic. Indigenous families living near the site do not support it, citing grave concerns over air and water pollution and the degradation of their traditional subsistence hunting and fishing grounds. A leaked announcement suggests President Biden is going to approve the project making action critical now.

Protect the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) The Indian Child Welfare Act protects Native American children by giving preference to family and community members when a child is eligible for adoption. A challenge to it was recently heard in the Supreme Court with pro bono representation by a law firm that represents oil companies and has a history of undermining Indigenous Sovereignty.

  • Send a letter to the White House calling on President Biden to protect Indigenous children
  • Sign a petition to seat the Cherokee House delegate
  • Sign a petition to support the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding Schools.

Stop Cop City: Cop City is a proposed massive police training facility that will destroy public green space in the Weelaunee forest in Atlanta. Residents fear that the training facility will only increase police use of military tactics, over policing, and mass incarceration that harm their communities. Police shot and killed a forest defender on January 18th bringing this fight into national attention.

Maximum Impact

Petitions are wonderful, but individual calls, letters, and emails get more attention. Try following scripts from these resources to maximize your impact:

Stop Cop City: The movement to Stop Cop City has had success getting businesses and construction companies to walk away and divest from the project through a targeted phone zap. Call now, check out their script, or identify local businesses to call.

Chop Wood, Carry Water: Activist Jessica Craven provides daily actions through her newsletter, including scripts for calling members of congress, as well as email and letter writing campaigns.

National Center for Transgender Equality Action Center: Use the action center to find issues to call representatives about at the state and national level.


Atheopagan chosen charity for 2023: National Network of Abortion Funds


Mobilize: Use to find local petitions, events, and volunteer opportunities

Science Moms: Write letters to local leaders (Use the “Write A Letter” link under “Speak Up”)

Register to vote: Use to register to vote or check your current registration status.


Canada: Petition to extend the right of asylum to transgender and non-binary people facing eliminationist laws in their home country.

Syria and Turkey: Donate to the International Federation of the Red Cross for disaster relief

Ukraine: Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Other Organizations

Atheopagans live in many communities, and support a number of causes. These are just a few of them.

Soul Nola: Urban reforestation program in New Orleans Louisiana

Greater Cleveland Food Bank

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