A Commitment to Service

There is much that needs mending in the world.

Ecologically and socially, humanity struggles with a lack of compassion, with bigotry, with failure to recognize the essential equality and value of every person, and with a fundamental lack of understanding that we are the Earth, and the Earth is us.

Atheopaganism encourages not only personal growth, but societal growth, promoting effort, service and activism to advance the Atheopagan Principles in the world.

A Moral Imperative

In Atheopaganism, it is not enough to ask that people grow to become exemplars of our Principles. We must also do what we can to help the world along in that direction. Through service, activism, philanthropy and participation in the decision making of our nations and regions, Atheopagans choose to be exponents of change.

Our community has developed a Statement of Policy Values that expresses our position on various important issues that confront our world. You can read it here.

“I love that Atheopaganism isn’t just about me.”

E.D., Atheopagan

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