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In our digital world there are an abundance of resources that inspire and inform our Atheopagan practices. These online essays, articles, websites, videos, and more have been hand-picked by Atheopagans.

Scroll right to access the resource links.

You may search this page by using the “Ctrl + F” on a PC (“Command + F” on a Mac)

The links are divided into four main topics:

  • Knowledge and Discovery examines the sources of our knowledge and how we know what we know. Subjects under this topic include the scientific, critical thinking, debate and discussion, and more.
  • The Universe studies the large body of knowledge about our planet and greater universe as discovered through scientific discovery. Subjects under this topic include physics, astronomy, mathematics, ecology, biology, and many more.
  • Humanities looks to the products of human culture and imagination. Subjects under this topic include religion, archaeology, religion, art and more.
  • The Self looks inward to understand and affect our minds and bodies. Subjects under this topic include neuroscience, psychology, self-reflection, meditation, ritual techniques and more.

The “subjects” column identifies more specifically what subject the link discusses (eg. astronomy, art history, or meditation).

The “engagement” column identifies the format of the resource or activities the link is about. (eg. article, guided meditation, or craft).

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You may sort any column alphabetically by hovering over the top of the column, selecting the drop down arrow(circled in yellow in the image below), and selecting “Sort A-Z”.

In the future, the Education Committee hopes to build a more easily navigable version of this site. Come back for more!

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