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The Book

Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science by Mark A. Green

How we were founded, the scientific concepts behind Atheopaganism, and all you need to know to get started with your own practice and rituals. Nominated for a 2020 Witchie Award!

Before I accessed any of Mark Green’s Atheopaganism resources, I felt like I was completely alone in my desire to practice a non-theistic, earth-centered paganism. Not only was I able to find a community of similarly-minded people (through the Facebook group), I found a well-researched and articulated way of being. This book is a lovely resource for those interested in creating meaningful rituals centered around the seasons and life events based on science and reason. Mark’s vision of Atheopaganism is a welcome addition to my path. Michelle B.

Purchase at: Powell’s or (preferably) order from your local independent bookseller. Please do not patronize Amazon.


Conversations about non-theist, naturalistic Paganism

A weekly podcast on celebrating the magnificent Earth and Cosmos, featuring your hosts Yucca and Mark A. Green. Named #3 in the top 20 Pagan podcasts for 2023!

Mark and Yucca’s podcast (THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism) has very quickly become a go to podcast for me and so much of what they say resonates with other themes that I am personally working through. I’m so impressed…I can’t thank you enough. I’m working through the back catalogue, and am now 20 episodes in. To say that I have listened to all that and haven’t found a single element that didn’t inspire me, is really quite amazing. I also so appreciate the tone and emphasis that you and Yucca create, and the general intelligence, humanity and humility that you exhibit. It really is food for the soul. –Andy C., England

The YouTube Channel

Lectures, stories and other video presentations

The Atheopaganism YouTube channel is a trove of interesting, moving and thought-provoking material. New videos every week. Check it out!

Click here to visit the Atheopagan YouTube channel

The Blog is a resource for Atheopagan thought, practice, learning and opinion. New material posts frequently and Atheopagans are invited to comment and discuss.

The App

A handy pocket reference for access to resources, the Atheopagan Principles, and links to various Atheopagan sites and social media channels.

Download this URL with your phone browser and create a shortcut to your Home screen.

The Brochure

A quick introduction to Atheopaganism especially for friends and family of those adopting the path. Click here to download

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