As this old oak is sustained by deep roots, the Society is sustained by the vision, effort and passion of thousands of Atheopagans around the globe.

I’ve finally found a path which speaks to my need for honoring my connection to and integration with nature without any need for magic or the supernatural.

Atheopaganism finally lets me put a name to the way I see and relate to the world.”

The Society is supported by donations.

Your financial support enables The Atheopagan Society to continue to spread the word about Atheopaganism as an available spiritual path, and to support Atheopagans in developing their practices and public service worldwide.

At this time we are an all-volunteer organization and have no paid staff.

You can also support Atheopagan artisans and our charitable activities by buying Atheopagan products.

The Society is a tax-exempt nonprofit. You can donate to the Society by clicking the buttons below. All proceeds will go to the Society.

Thanks to our Atheopagan Patrons!

Sustainers’ Circle (Monthly donors)

Catherine Fountain

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Founding Patrons

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Esther Sierens

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Jenae Castanon

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