Atheopaganism Resources

The Atheopagan Suntree

Atheopaganism: An overview: The essay that started it all!

13 Atheopagan Principles Printable: A short document that explains 13 Atheopagan Principles

13 Atheopagan Principles: An in-depth exploration of the 13 principles

Atheopagan Ritual Primer: Guidance for crafting rituals

Atheopagan Ritual Planning Workbook: A step-by-step workbook for ritual planning

Atheopagan Hymnal: Songs, poems, and liturgy for ritual use

Atheopagan Cleric’s Introductory Guidebook: Guidance on weddings, funerals and more

For a list of more resources for Atheopagan clerics, click here

Atheopagan Event Planning Guide, Timeline, and Budget Templates

The Suntree: The meaning behind the symbol that represents the Atheopagan community

Atheopagan Brochure: A short printable introduction to Atheopaganism

The above Atheopagan Society resources are available for free download. All are copyright © The Atheopagan Society, with all rights reserved.

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